So how does it work? How do you ride without a boat?

Suspended in the air by a series of towers surrounding a small lake, an overhead cable rotates in a counterclockwise motion around the lake. Along the cable are seven carriers from which ski ropes will attach to and pull a rider or skier around the lake.

How do you start?

You start off at the starting dock, rope in hand, with the other end of the rope in the magazine next to the cable awaiting a carrier. The cable operator sends your rope out as the carrier arrives, it hooks the rope and continues on its way, pulling you off the starting dock and out onto the water.

How fast does the cable pull riders?

Revolution Cable runs at 18.5 mph

What happens if you fall?

You simply swim to shore with your helmet and life jacket on and walk back to the starting dock. The distance is short and time is minimal before you’re out on the water riding again.

How many people can ride at the same time?

With cable’s ability to tow many people at the same time, groups of people can be catered to much more easily than behind a boat. The beauty and value of cable is that it opens up wakeboarding to the masses, thanks to the reduced costs of running and the higher number of people it’s possible to pull at any one time.

Is it limited to wakeboarding only?

No. Even though wakeboarding clearly dominates the cable scene these days, you still occasionally see people on two skis, slaloming, or kneeboarding, though MUCH less often.

How does it compare to riding behind the boat?

It’s a slightly different kind of pull. Since the angle of the rope is higher on the cable than behind the boat, you get more lift and, potentially, more hang time. This is one reason you see such awesome tricks like double S-bends on the cable, a rare occurrence if ever behind the boat.

How much does it cost to ride?

It depends on your situation but here are some examples:

If it’s your first time at the park and you are a beginner the First Timer’s Pass is the way to go. With this you get a 2 hour cable pass, rental life jacket, rental helmet, use of a standard rental board (non-obstacle wakeboard with kiteboard foot straps), skis, kneeboard, wakeskate, disk and basic instruction all for $30+tax=$31.80.

If you have ridden at another cable or behind a boat you can bring all your equipment to the cable, making sure to grab your Coast Guard Approved life jacket (comp vests are not allowed).  Bringing your own gear reduces the cost to ride at the cable park.  Helmets must be acceptable for water use and must cover your temples. Hourly rates are explained in the Rates tab above.

Two hour cable pass, 2hr jacket rental, 2hr helmet rental, board with boots, non-obstacle =$44+tax = $46.64

Two hour cable pass, 2hr jacket rental, 2hr helmet rental, Obstacle board with boots = $54+tax=$57.24

What about sliders and kickers?

Kickers and sliders are to be used by advanced riders only. We have various obstacles out on the Cable Course to keep those more experienced  riders entertained.
NOTE: You must have your own equipment to use any of the obstacles or grab one of our Obstacle board Packages.

With sliders and kickers the number of tricks you can do on the cable goes up exponentially. Not only can you do air tricks, but you can also throw every kind of spin or mob imaginable.

What about wakeskating on the cable?

Cable is without a doubt a wakeskater’s dream.  With all the obstacles available and the fact that you can fall a million times and get right back and keep riding all day long working on your shuvits, varials, spins, etc., it’s no wonder that we’re seeing wakeskaters now comprising almost 25-30% or more of all riders on the cable.

Are there a lot of riders crossing over between boat and cable?

Yes, there’s definitely a crossover. And there’s a real advantage to it  too. Tricks are the same on either, and cable is a terrific teaching tool. Cable definitely helps your boat riding and vice versa. It’s great cross-training. Mike Ferraro, one of the world’s top wakeboard and waterski coaches, regularly advises his students and elite athletes to cross-train on the cable whenever possible.

How do you do those “big air” tricks?

Unlike the boat, where you ride up the wake to get air, on the cable you lean back to set your edge and load the line to build up tension, then snap the board behind you to launch yourself into the air. Do it right and you’re launched like a sling shot! Once in the air, the entire menu of tricks is at your disposal.

How can you call it cable wakeboarding when there is no wake?

You ride using a wakeboard. It’s that simple. It’s still wakeboarding because every single trick that has been, is now, or ever could be thrown behind a boat can and is being thrown on the cable. The tricks are identical. Boat or cable, the sport is still the same. It’s just a slightly different method to the same awesome madness.

There’s no cable park where I live. Where can I find one?

More cable parks are being planned around the world every year. Hopefully one will be in your area very soon! In the meantime, cablewakeboard.com is a  Worldwide Directory of Cable Parks to find one nearest you.

What happen during times of inclement weather?

Revolution Cable Park will attempt to offer uninterrupted service and remain open as long as possible when there is inclement weather. Our goal is to offer the best guest service possible without compromising the safety of our guests and staff.

When inclement weather occurs, Revolution Cable Park will respond in the following manner:


The Cable Park will remain open during rain showers unless the staff is unable to clearly see the far side of the lake. If this occurs, patrons will be asked to clear the lake until the rain has slowed or stopped. This is at the discretion of the Revolution Cable Park Staff.

Thunder and Lightning

If thunder or lightning can be seen or heard all patrons and staff must clear the lake. The Cable Lake will remain closed for 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder and/or from the sight of lightning. This decision and timing is determined by the Revolution Cable Park Staff.

Severe Thunderstorm /Tornado Watch

Guests will be advised that a “watch” has been issued and that the Cable Lake will close if threatening weather develops.

Guests will be advised that a “warning” has been issued and Revolution Cable Staff will direct them to a designated shelter area.